TY Danjuma Scholarship Application | 2021 MBA Award for Africans

As dispatched in 2011, TY Danjuma scholarship application is a yearly financial custom that gives financially to MBA enrolled African students in the top colleges of the year as positioned by Financial Times. Is your scholastic institution among the positioned colleges this year? Allow us to discover.

TY Danjuma scholarship application is the thing that you should figure out how to do on the off chance that you are an African understudy that is joined up with a Masters program at any of the top colleges positioned by Financial Times. However, it will be needful for you to find if your university is positioned for this present year by the Financial Times. In the event that it is positioned, note that you should be an African understudy that is enlisted into a postgraduate level. More to that, you should have finished an undergrad program.

In the interim, the previously mentioned are little of its essentials from international students. Notwithstanding the previously mentioned, your English proficiency level should be satisfactory and your course of study ought to be Business. All things considered, just MBA applicants are eligible. In the event that you are not in any of the Business schools positioned for this present year, don’t begin TY Danjuma scholarship application.

Host Institution

As positioned for this present year by Financial Times, African students selected for MBA program at any of these colleges are qualified to finish TY Danjuma scholarship application and give all the scholarship essentials.

  1. Lese Business School
  2. Ceibs
  3. Yale School of Management
  4. London Business School
  5. Dartmouth College
  6. Northwestern University
  7. University of Chicago
  8. InSEAD
  9. Duke University
  10. HEC Paris

These are the colleges qualified to be applied by African students. You can be from Nigeria, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, South Africa, Morocco, or some other African country. Guarantee that you are taking bosses program in Business.

Application Deadline

The application deadline is no other date other than April 30th, 2021. You are not intended to apply after the due date since it won’t be thought of. Regardless of whether you are eligible and later apply later than the declared application deadline. The accommodation have begun. It began since first June. See every one of the requirements.

TY Danjuma Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

You are one stop nearer to the full eligibility on the off chance that you are an African understudy. Different criteria incorporates;

  1. You should be taking MBA program in any of the colleges.
  2. Before you apply, you probably selected for the program at the university. Not when you are aiming to.
  3. Also, as the criteria requests, you should be taking a Business course,
  4. Strangely, it is an online application that requires no asset. For you to apply, you should have an email address.
  5. Not failing to remember that all applicants should have their refreshed CVs, scholarly records, in addition to different requirements shown here.

Have you seen every one of the requirements that applicants are required to get together with. Thusly, discover how to do TY Danjuma scholarship application in order to appreciate this financial advancement scattered by the plan.

This is how to apply for this TY Danjuma scholarship. This load of subtleties recorded underneath are everything you will give and ship off the email address shown henceforth.

  1. Name of your university and proof of enlistment. Now, we will require your offer letter from the university.
  2. From that point forward, year of enlistment will be required too.
  3. Moreover, complete name and your nationality.
  4. Duplicate of the current CV.
  5. A duplicate of your financial plan and deficit.
  6. Not failing to remember your full contact subtleties.

Just these subtleties will be expected to make you helpless against this scholarship offer that will subsidize you over time in MBA level. Give these documents and submit them to this email address: mba@tyd-fo.co.uk. Apply now, it will uphold you and soothe you of much costs that are joined to MBA study.

Do you have questions as they are identified with TY Danjuma scholarship application? The remark box underneath is open for questions.