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Rackspace is a leading provider of expertise and managed services across all the cloud computing companies. The company was launched in 1998, and its headquarters in Windcrest, Texas, a suburb of San Antonio. Moreover, it operates offices in various parts of the world including Australia, the UK, Germany, Mexico, Hong Kong, etc. Rackspace accelerates the value of the cloud. So as a customer, you can create Rackspace webmail where you can have access to Rackspace Webmail Login. In the same way, have access to all their resources once you sign up.

Meanwhile, in this article, you’ll learn a lot about Rackspace webmail. Including how to sign up, how to login to your Rackspace webmail account, likewise, how to recover your login detail, etc. All in this step by step Rackspace webmail login guides.

Rackspace Webmail Sign Up

For you to access the Rackspace webmail login page, first, you’d need to signup for a Rackspace email account. Rackspace email is a business-class, POP/IMAP service that works with Outlook. To do that, simply follow these steps below;

1. Visit Rackspace homepage, you can navigate via this link

2. Click on Login at the top right corner of the page. Select Rackspace webmail login from the option.

Rackspace webmail logins

3. Under the login form from the next page, click on the Hosted Email link. Then click on Begin Free Trial from the next page.

Rackspace hosted email link

4. Now you’ll be taken to a page where you will set up your Rackspace email account. Start by choosing your apps, click on Rackspace email and click next to continue.

5. Fill in your details and click on next to continue

6. Confirm your account.

After that, your account will be created successfully.

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Rackspace Webmail Login

To login successfully to your Rackspace email, follow these steps below;

1. Visit the Rackspace official homepage. You can follow the link as shown above

2. From the home page, click on Login at the top right corner

3. Click on Login on the Rackspace webmail login box

4. Enter your Email Address and Password

5. Hit the Login Button

This will take you directly to your account dashboard.

How to Reset your Rackspace Webmail Login Password

Perhaps you forgot your login password, worry not. Here are the steps to follow to recover it;

1. Follow the first three steps on the guide above

2. Click on Forgot Password?

Rackspace password recovery

3. Enter your email address and click next

You’ll receive a link to your email address from where you can follow to reset your password.

That’s all you need to get going with your email hosting for your business With features that you’ll love, think of giving your business a professional look with Rackspace webmail solution.

How about Email @yourdomain.com? Let Rackspace do it for you at an affordable rate now!

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