Looking for a new home, Canada immigration guide for skilled workers is one of the ways to obtain an immigrant visa. This is not an immigration program for the general population but rather for those who have certain skills and are in an occupation that needs to be filled in order to make things work in the workplace.

There are several different types of skilled worker and their requirements vary widely depending on the program they are applying to. The most common types are, for example, the temporary resident visa (which may only last six months) and the permanent residency visa. However, there are also categories of skilled worker that may be granted permanent residency status or a green card. Many of the jobs listed for these categories are ones where there are shortages of skilled labour and there will always be jobs that are not able to be filled by the usual immigrant.

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Requirements to possess certain skills, a skilled worker must also be able to pass a background check, pay their application fees and submit letters of intent. If an applicant is granted approval, then the employer will have to provide documentation that the candidate was employed in Canada for a given period of time. This will include pay slips and employment contracts.

Because a skilled worker is a permanent resident, he will have access to a host of government services including health care, education, child care, etc. These services are usually provided by the provinces or territories and are funded by the federal government. Some of these services, however, may be limited due to the fact that there is a shortage of skilled labour in some areas. For example, some provinces may not provide funding for child care if there are not enough children in need of such care in the area.

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The cost of a skilled worker depends upon the type of skilled worker he/she is. They are classified into two groups; skilled workers and skilled trades. The former are those that have a certain skill and education levels, while the latter are those that do not have any educational background. They are then divided into the two groups based on their occupations.

With the help of a skilled worker program, individuals who may have had to give up their jobs due to a recession or other reason can gain entry into the country. This program is one of the most efficient ways to obtain an immigrant visa and it is also the safest as well.