How to Write Academic CV for Scholarship | See 10 Examples

Individual the information written in this page to figure out How to Write Academic CV for Scholarship. While applying for a scholarship, your CV (Curriculum Vitae or Resume) frequently works as the first evaluation filter in which you looks to conform to the basic requirements of the call, that your experience is aligned with the program to which you need to apply and that you are a candidate with academic, professional and personal potential.

However, Academic CV for scholarship ought to be short and specific. It is prescribed to utilize Times New Roman textual style and slugs, intense and capital letters to show significant information to the peruser. The information should be in chronological request. Don’t fall a prey to clichés rather depict something unique about yourself.

The job of academic CV is to catch the attention of the scholarship provider so it continues with the Motivation Letter, which aims to finish convincing him that your candidacy is the most indicated over all others. An ill-arranged academic CV may rope in scholarship denial.

This makes the CV quite possibly the main documents in the evaluation interaction. We need to disclose to you a few tips dependent on our experience of winning scholarships and effectively advising other individuals in their application measures.

Reflect and Brainstorm your Academic CV

Before starting to write your resume, you should make an appraisal of yourself and determine the components of your professional, academic and personal experience which you will put on paper.

Initially you should assemble however much information as could be expected to have a more extensive view of what you have to offer, and then you ought to pick which ones to show and how to do it. Recall that the scholarship provider has the final word, so research about him and the profile he looks for . In light of this, select and highlight the most applicable skills and experiences in your Curriculum Vitae (CV).

You can begin the examination by reading the description of the scholarship and its requirements well overall. You can likewise check the profiles of other colleagues studying on that scholarship. Ordinarily the scholarship providers publish articles or institutional videos in which other researchers share their experience and that is your opportunity to dissect their profile.

At the point when you do your examination identify key words and write them down in a list, so you know how to address your CV (continue). For instance, you will know if you should zero in additional on the academic, professional or personal skills and experiences. It can likewise help you for instance, to know if you should show more as a specialist, pioneer, creative or socially mindful.

How to Organize Academic CV for Scholarship

All CVs should have three sections: contact information, education and professional experience. However, I suggest that you add other sections that make it easier for the peruser to identify important characteristics, for example, Certificates and acknowledgments, Volunteering and other experiences, Software Skills and Languages.


At the top of the page or in the header you should show your complete name and your contact information like location, telephone and email. Avoid placing words, for example, “CV”, “Curriculum Vitae” or “Resume” which do not make it look professional.

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Regularly it goes first since it is the thing that will permit you to show that you meet the basic section requirements. For instance, if you are applying to a PhD , you have effectively finished a Master’s certificate; or if you apply to a graduate degree, you have effectively finished your college degree.

Write just the title obtained, the institution, the time of graduation, alongside the city and country where you studied. Add special recognition or your qualifications, if they were outstanding.

Work Experience:

Do not limit yourself to describing the errands that you carried out, yet include your achievements and quantifiable outcomes. With this you are demonstrating to the peruser that you leave a follow where you work and that you know about the impact of your work. Additionally write it as the first individual, however avoids the utilization of “I”. Recall that it is about what you have done and, therefore, you are the main character of what you present.

For instance, instead of writing “deals and occasion organization” you better write “I increased deals by 20% over a similar period last year and organized occasions with spending plans of in excess of 500,000 USD.” Always obviously allude to substantiates realities.


Show the languages ​​you talk with the respective level: native, basic, intermediate or progressed. Avoid getting ensnared with numerical scales that make it difficult for the peruser to understand.

Personal Skills:

As you mention your technical skills, likewise mention your personal skills. This section is vital so the peruser can quickly recognize that you have the profile that interests him. In addition, with this you can likewise exhibit self-knowledge and equilibrium.

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Other Key Sections:

If you have written publications or have been granted prizes or certificates that supplement your formal academic training, you can organize them in a section to highlight your achievements. Additionally provide links (DOI numbers) to your publications if available. Similarly, if you have experience in extracurricular activities or volunteering , I suggest that you organize them in another section to quickly exhibit your supportive of activity and social mindfulness.

Do I have to include Professional Profile in Academic CV for Scholarship?

The professional profile is a section with which a few group decide to begin their CV in the form of presentation. However, it can turn into a repetition of what you will certainly write in your motivation letter. For this explanation and additionally in light of the fact that CV is tied in with being just about as concise as could really be expected, I would avoid to include it in the CV . In any case, if you need to utilize it, do not write more than one passage or five lines of text.

Do I have to include my picture in Academic CV for Scholarship?

Regarding the photo, it relies a great deal upon the call, the institution and the country to which you are applying. Be that as it may, in everyday terms, I prescribe you to put a professional photo in your CV which will assist the peruser with having an idea of ​​who is speaking. The photo ought to be one in which you show up with a friendly and cheerful signal. Avoid forced smiles and serious motions.

How to write a winning CV for Scholarships | How to Write Academic CV for Scholarship

  • An ill-arranged academic CV may rope in scholarship denial. We have elucidated 8 different ways of making your academic CV (continue) sound exceptionally effective and incredible.
  • Short and specific: Depending on the quantity of applications, the peruser of your CV can go through just 30 seconds to understand it. That is the reason you should attempt to put every one of the substance in maximum 2 pages.
  • Simple format, yet NOT level. Use shots, intense and capital letters to show applicable information to the peruser. It is additionally suggested that you utilize more than one segment and that you separate the sections obviously to facilitate reading. Avoid unconventional designs and the mix of shadings, except if you are applying to an expressions program.
  • Be specific with the information you submit. Indicates institutions, titles and dates. The information should be in chronological request from the latest to the most established.
  • Utilize the right time. The activities that you are not previously doing should be before and those that you are still doing in the present. It appears to be silly however it occurs.
  • Check the spelling. Regardless of whether you write in English, your spelling says a ton regarding how you communicate and the degree of language proficiency. Since self-correcting is not generally fruitful, ask your friends and educators to review each word and expression.
  • Don’t fall a prey to clichés: For instance you ought not write the sentences like, “If given an opportunity, I will demonstrate my determination” or “I am passionate about”. Maybe depict something unique about yourself.
  • Do not display extravagant emails on your Resume: Many of us these days have an email id when we were at the age of 12-13. Those long stretches of life were truly amusing we tried emails with such lively, astounding ids. A large number of us retain those clever sounding emails like, and so on These sound absolutely unprofessional. Make an email id that simply expresses your name. Utilize that in your resume.
  • Allow your resume to look consistent: Use a typical text style for every one of the points mentioned in your resume.
  • Times New Roman size 12 looks fair. Go for this. You may have a slightly bigger text style (Say Times New Roman 14) for the subtitles.
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Academic CV Samples: has compiled a list of CV examples for scholarship from world top university websites. These includes test CV for ace scholarship and test CV for PhD scholarship. These can likewise be modified for test CV for undergrad scholarship with slight tweaking. We trust this list will help you in writing effective and winning academic CV for scholarship.

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  • Good News! is sharing with you the best academic CV example. I hope this will help you greatly in preparing your scholarship application.

Academic CV for Scholarship

Now its your turn!

We are sure these tips and resources will certainly help you chisel a perfect academic CV for scholarship. Remember that a CV is invaluable and will make or break your chances of winning a scholarship. Spend sometime pondering over the points discussed in the article and come up with a brilliant CV.

The above written information enables you to learn How to Write Academic CV for Scholarship with ease. So if you need to make more inquires on How to Write Academic CV for Scholarship kindly use the comment box below.