If you desire to know how to get a job in Canada for new immigrants, you are in the right place. With motivation and emphasis, you can find your desired job in Canada. It is crucial to plan properly to find the right job in Canada for newcomers.

Seeking for a job in Canada can be overwhelming, particularly if it is your first time applying for a job abroad. But this guide will help you find the relevant job and permanent residency in Canada.

Refine Your Resume according to Canadian Style

Content, styles, and format of a resume vary greatly from country to country, so it is essential to customize your resume according to Canadian style. Generally, Canadian employers want to see accomplishments highlighted in the resume instead of only listing the responsibilities you have done. Before sending it to any employer in Canada, make sure that you have made all the changes to it.

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Badly composed resumes or resumes with only responsibilities listed instead of a team or personal achievements will hold you back from making an impact and you will lose your chance of getting a job in Canada before getting to the interview stage. Remember that a resume is a very important document that leaves a great impression on the employer, so don’t fail at this very important first stage while applying for jobs in Canada.

Do your homework before you move to Canada

Before you move to Canada, securing a job is the best way to immigrate to Canada for newcomers. It is important to get all the information related to the company where you are applying. When you learned everything about the company including its culture and prepare for questions that may be asked to you, there are chances that you get hired. When you search Google for “questions asked in an interview for a job in Canada”, you will find a lot of results to get started.

Be selective in your job search

It is not always a great idea to apply for every job advertised online. In many careers, it is not an effective method to get a job in Canada. You need to selective in the job search. Don’t send the same cover letter and resume to 20 companies because the companies managers talk to each other. It is a common mistake that many people do during their job search in Canada for new immigrants. Informational interviews, cold calling, and networking are some effective methods to send your resume to different companies.


Follow-up your application for a job in Canada

You are not alone who is applying for a job in Canada, mostly there are hundreds of applications and the chances are, your application may get lost among other applications. So it is fine to follow up on your application by sending an email to the employer to make sure that they have received it. It will show them your seriousness towards your job application in Canada.

Start networking with employers and professionals

Networking and building connections is an effective way to distribute your resume and increase your chances of getting a job in Canada for new immigrants. You can participate in different professional events like career events and job fairs where you can connect people and start networking. Such events are the best ways to not only meet potential employers but also build connections with other professionals. You can find many events each year both abroad and in Canada as well as online for you if you want to get a job in Canada as a newcomer.

Get endorsements from former employers

Your chance of getting a job and moving to Canada greatly enhance if you have a powerful reference. Try to get an endorsement from your former employers either in your home country or other countries where you previously worked. Get a reference from the relevant previous employers according to the job you are applying for. It will increase your chance of finding a job in Canada.