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Best bitcoin merchant services in 2020 – A simple Guide

Bitcoin merchant services are encrypted channels that enables business to accept payment per transaction with bitcoin. It can be simplified as bitcoin payment services.

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency and accepted as means of payment on several merchant platforms. It enables you to make and receive payment without revealing much information.

Just like payment gateways, it is different from your normal crypto or Bitcoin wallet.

Before listing some of the best bitcoin merchant services to use for your business. It is needful to point out just a few advantages which probably you know already.

  • It is cheaper due to low payment charges.
  • It is limitless and secure.
  • It is transparent.
  • It adds value by building trust.

Top Bitcoin Merchant services


This is one of the first bitcoin merchant services that surged during the initial period of cryptocurrency advent in 2011.

It allows you to accept payment in Bitcoin with over 40 integrations on top e-commerce platforms and point-of-sale systems. Your coin can be converted into fiat currencies that can be deposited in 38 different countries.


Coingate is one of the best payment services with a wider range of services providing solutions including plugins for E-commerce, APIs, and point-of-sale applications.

It cuts across all platforms through the Web, Android and iOS.

You can receive payouts in EUR, USD, or BTC; using Coingate.


CoinPayments has become one of the most popular payment gateways since 2013. It allows you to accept payments in more than 1480 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and others.

It offer multi-cryptocurrency wallet to enable you handle your accepted currencies in a secure wallet.


This a Bitcoin exchange platform. It is one of the biggest trading platform in 2020 but it can be used to receive Bitcoin payments for your business.

Coinbase merchant app enables you to accept Bitcoin and convert it into fiat currencies anywhere. However, the services are limited to selected countries. See if it is available in your country.


This Bitcoin payment gateway designed specifically for merchants based out of Europe.

With various ready to use solutions such as e-commerce plugins, Bitcoin payment processing APIs, and other payment integration tools.

This is one of the oldest providers of Bitcoin wallet. The payment gateway is availed for personal and business purposes.

One of the cons with is that it does not contain ready to use plugins yet. However it offers a free, apt and trusted services.

To integrate Blockchain payment gateway, you may need a little knowledge of programming language.

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GoUrl is an open-source project that provides unique Bitcoin payment gateway for its users.

It is a free service and provides ready-to-use plugins for E-commerce and APIs along with free customer support for GoUrl payment integrations.

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